Parks Projects

Open spaces, parks, trails and recreation are essential to a high quality of life, community health and well-being.

Sturgeon County’s open spaces include:

  • natural ecosystems including forested areas and wetlands
  • parks and playgrounds
  • trails and sports fields

We must protect and cultivate these spaces as they contribute not only to our economic well-being as a municipality, but also a driving factor in the quality of life for residents.A well-planned open space network can attract visitors, investors, and also new residents.

When planning new open spaces, parks, or trails, Sturgeon County seeks input from all stakeholders. Developers, residents, and Countyadministration, all play a role in transforming undeveloped land into the park spaces that are used by residents and visitors throughout the County.

Open Spaces Master Plan Update

Sturgeon County’s Opens Spaces Master Plan makes sure we provide open spaces that suit both current and future needs of the County.

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