Naturalization helps preserve and celebrate the natural plant and animal species found in our region.

Parts of parks and open spaces in Sturgeon County are returning to their natural glory through the reintroduction of native plant species. There are many benefits to this landscaping strategy: aesthetically, economically, and environmentally. There will be more trees for shade and windbreaks, animal diversity will increase, and greenhouse gases are reduced. You will love the lushness and the quiet the greenery provides. 

Sturgeon County has began planting native trees and shrubs in parks and open spaces. The benefits include:

  • Creating an undisturbed habitat for pollinators (bumble bees and honey bees)
  •  Help wildlife by creating space for flowers  and fruits needed to provide shelter for birds, mammals, and insects.
  •  Brings beauty to our environment, creating new spaces for residents to connect with nature.
  •  Increase shade and wind protection
  •  Trees and shrubs also soak up moisture, preventing drainage systems from becoming overloaded

Cardiff Park Naturalization

With help from Fortis Alberta, 4,000 native trees and shrubs were planted in Cardiff Park in 2021, continuing into 2022.

The naturalization of Cardiff Park is one way that Sturgeon County is working to protect our land, air, and water through simple, responsible practices that make both economic and environmental sense.

Thanks again to Fortis Alberta for helping to fund this project and to make Cardiff Park an even better place to now and in the years to come.

Agriculture Services staff planting a tree
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