Property re-inspections underway in Sturgeon County

Letters will be landing in the mailboxes of selected properties as part of the County’s property re-inspection process. 

The letters, also known as Request for Information (RFI) Surveys, allow residents to self-report any changes to their property. 

Residents who receive a letter can submit the completed survey in one of four ways:

  1. Online: Use the unique code at the top of the survey form at 
  2. Email:
  3. Mail: Assessment Services, 9613 – 100 Street, Morinville, AB, T8R 1L9
  4. Call: 780-939-0601

This year, property inspections are taking place in Division One and parts of Divisions Two and Three.  

County assessors will also be visiting properties for on-site reviews according to Provincial and professional standards and policies. You may see assessors out taking photos of the exteriors of buildings and yards. Assessors will wear official Sturgeon County identification badges and drive County vehicles. These inspections take about 15 minutes and do not require access to the inside of your home. If you are away during the visit, a green Notice for Assessment will be left on your door or mailbox .

For more information on property assessment and the cyclical re-inspection program, visit our webpage.

If you have questions about the RFI letters or the assessment process, please contact our offices:

Sturgeon County Assessment Services
Phone: 780- 939-0601

A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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