Equipment Rentals

Sturgeon County Equipment Rentals

Sturgeon County Agriculture Services offers residents equipment rentals at a reduced rate.

  • Live Animal Traps

    Large Animal

    $10.00 per week
    Deposit: $150.00

    Medium Animal

    $10.00 per week
    Deposit: $125.00

    Small Animal

    $10.00 per week
    Deposit: $75.00

    *Failure to clean an animal trap will result in a charge of $50.00*

  • Sprayers, Seeders, Planters

    Equipment Deposit (or as noted) ** $300.00**

    Quad Sprayer 10 & 25 Gallon 
    $30.00 per day

    Estate Sprayer 25 Gallon
    $30.00 per day

    Backpack Sprayer 2 Gallon 
    $20.00 per day

    Skid Mounted Sprayer 60 Gallon 
    $30.00 per day

    Water Well Shocking Tank (Hose Not Included) 
    $10.00 per day

    Solar Water Demo Unit
    Free Rental
    Deposit: $3,500.00

    Seeder For Quad
    $20.00 per day

     Tree Seedling Planter 
    $30.00 per day
    Deposit: $1,000.00

    Plastic Mulch Applicator
    $30.00 per day
    Deposit: $1,000.00

    RFID Tag Reader Day
    Free Rental
    Deposit: $1,500.00

    Cleaning of Other Equipment $50.00

    Cleaning of Spray Equipment $100.00

  • Services

    Topsoil Removal
    Application fee – $50.00
    Performance Bond – $500.00

    Mileage – third party provider

    Administrative Fee for Enforcement Under Weed Control Act is 10% of total cost (max. $260.00).
    Note: If vegetation management is requested/voluntary (on private property), no enforcement fee will be applied. Requested service is subject to crew availability.

  • Items for sale

    Pocket Gopher Trap
    $12.00 each

    Magpie Trap
    $84.00 each

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