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Sturgeon County is an agricultural powerhouse with 2016 gross farm receipts totalling $230 million, growing over 24% from 2011 values.

Agriculture is the top land use in Sturgeon County. We have a long and proud history of farming and agriculture that dates back well over a century. Since 1992, Sturgeon County has presented 100-Year Farm Family awards to local farming families that have been actively producing in our County for a century or more.

Exceptional soil, flat terrain, and access to quality water create exemplary growing conditions in the County, while an abundance of productive land and agricultural infrastructure offer unique opportunities in this expanding industry. Sturgeon County has seen extensive growth in our agricultural processing capacity within the alfalfa, oats and cereals, and grain handling market segments. Based on current infrastructure and planned investment, Sturgeon County has the potential to boost total primary grain handling capacity to nearly 1 million metric tonnes per year.

Major expansions of existing facilities and proposed developments by new investors ensure that the County’s agriculture and agribusiness industries are well-positioned for future growth.

As the County increases its share of value-added agricultural activities, industries such as processing, packaging, distribution and retail food sales will continue to flourish within our borders. Local businesses are diversifying from crops and commodities into innovative bioproducts, consumer-ready food, treatment and transportation of raw commodities, specialty food processing, and agri-tourism.

The County has seen several expansions of local businesses wanting to grow in this exciting industry and market their products both locally and abroad. Modern infrastructure and access to advanced transportation and logistics solutions allow locally produced agricultural products to be sold to regional and global markets.

Along with primary agriculture, Sturgeon County is home to the University of Alberta’s research station, which features an 800-acre farm for agronomic and environmental research. Some lands are leased to large farm operators – often to test crops, or to be utilized as farming incubators to establish businesses and improve upon horticultural methods.

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