Calling all local producers, join the Made in Alberta movement!

Published on Apr 18, 2023
Photo: Government of Alberta
On March 23, Alberta’s government partnered with the Alberta Food Processors Association to launch a voluntary labeling program that makes it easier for consumers to identify Alberta-made products. The program supports Alberta’s agriculture sector and helps producers and processors sell and market their products.

Show that your products are local

The unique Made in Alberta label is free and clearly identifies food and beverages produced in Alberta. The Alberta Food Processors Association will administer this voluntary labeling program. Join now in four easy steps:

    1. Find out if you qualify
    2. Apply online
    3. Get approved
    4. Use the label

Choose local, choose your neighbours

Alberta-made products can make a real difference in our communities. When consumers purchase locally, they are directly supporting Alberta’s growers, farmers, producers, and processors. In turn, this supports our economy and our communities, ensuring a sustainable and prosperous future.

Learn more about the Made in Alberta voluntary labelling program.

Supporting Made-in-Alberta Products - Government of Alberta

Alberta’s government is supporting the province’s local agriculture and food sector by helping producers and processors market their products.

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