Property Fire Insurance

Sturgeon County residents may qualify for reduced fire insurance rates if the following applies:

  • Your property is located within eight kilometres of an accredited fire hall.
  • Your property is located within five kilometres of a recognized water supply.

Check out our interactive map to see if you qualify!

Reduced rates may apply since Sturgeon County Protective Services has been accredited by Fire Underwriters Survey (FUS) to provide Superior Tanker Shuttle Service (STSS).

Contact your insurance company to see if they will apply the STSS accreditation to your insurance policy. If your insurance company will not apply the STSS accreditation, we recommend getting quotes from other companies.

Note: if your property is not on the list, it likely does not qualify. Residents bordering or near the eligible areas are encouraged to get quotes from insurance providers, as there may be companies who may apply the benefits of STSS accreditation due to your proximity.

Fire Underwriters Survey documentation to share with your insurance company


Call 780-939-8400 or email Protective Services.

More Information

  • What is Superior Tanker Shuttle Service Accreditation (STSS)?

    STSS Accreditation is a recognized equivalency to hydrant protection. To be accredited, fire departments must commit to maintaining a high standard of organization, and practice delivering the service regularly.

  • How did Sturgeon County receive this accreditation?

    Sturgeon County Protective Services applied for this accreditation through a rigorous testing process that measures the requirements for hydrant protection, as set out by the insurance industry. The Superior Tanker Shuttle Service enables emergency responders to extinguish a fire at a faster rate. Sturgeon County is the second municipality in Alberta to receive this accreditation.