Fire Advisories, Restrictions & Bans

In an emergency, every second counts.

Call 9-1-1 in an emergency where you need fire, police or ambulance services.

Fire advisories, restrictions and bans are issued due to variety of factors, including:

  • weather conditions
  • feedback from residents
  • fire conditions throughout the region and province

The below information gives an idea of the conditions put in place for each fire level.

Current Fire Level

There is NO fire advisory, restriction or ban in effect.

Fire Advisory

Fire advisories let you know that the fire hazard rating has increased and that restrictions may be placed on some types of burning.

Fire Restriction

During a fire restriction, some types of burning are not allowed while others can continue. You should read the details of the fire restriction for specific instructions.

Fire Ban

During a fire ban,  most types of fire use is not allowed. You should read the details of the fire ban for specific instructions.

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