Sturgeon County Council Recap: April 23, 2024

Here are the highlights from Sturgeon County Council’s regular meeting on April 23, 2024. 

Mayor Alanna Hnatiw proclaimed the following: 

Deputy Mayor Appointment

Council appointed Division 4 Councillor Neal Comeau as deputy mayor from May 1, 2024 to October 31, 2024. The deputy mayor acts as the mayor’s representative when the mayor is unavailable. 

Public hearing 

Council held a public hearing for Bylaw 1649/24 to redistrict a portion of land at 55013 Highway 825 (SW-5-55-22-4 (Lot A, Plan 4595NY)) adjacent to the Sturgeon Industrial Park from AG – Agriculture district to I4 – Medium Industrial Serviced district to expand an existing trucking business. Council will consider the presentations and submissions at the public hearing and will make a decision at a future Council meeting. 

Land Use Matters 

Land rezoned to allow for trails 

Council passed Bylaw 1642/23 to redistrict 48.5 hectares (120 acres) of land near Calahoo from AG – Agriculture District to REC – Recreational District for future recreational activities. The applicant – the West Sturgeon Agricultural Society – wishes to pursue recreational developments including walking and cross-country ski trails. The parcel is heavily treed with a seasonal wetland and is not suitable for development. The potential for expanding the trails and other areas to allow for outdoor recreation is an appropriate use of the land and a benefit to the community. 

Expanding the Legal Industrial Park 

Council passed Bylaw 1645/23 to redistrict approximately 15.2 hectares (37.7 acres) of land at SW-27-57-25-4 from AG – Agriculture District to I3 – Medium Industrial Unserviced District and IR – Industrial Reserve District to I3 – Medium Industrial Unserviced District. This redistricting supports the relocation of Eco-Flex, a local manufacturing company, which operates on an adjacent parcel. It will facilitate the development of a 28,000 square foot warehouse. The parcel is currently used for outdoor industrial storage, RV storage, and agricultural purposes. The Legal Crossroads Area Structure Plan identifies the parcel for future agricultural and business industrial use, which is consistent with the applicant’s proposed use. 

Standardizing Trail and Landscape Service Levels 

Council directed administration to initiate Phase 1 of the Park, Trail, and Landscape Service Level and Maintenance Agreement Framework in 2024, which will help set service levels for public land and park, trail, tree, forest, landscape and open space assets. Council also directed administration to present the options and resource requirements for Phases 2 and 3 of the project, including opportunities for public engagement, for Council consideration in the 2025 Budget process.  

Historical Sites Inventory Review 

Council accepted the inventory of historical sites in Sturgeon County listed on the Alberta Heritage Survey and Register of Historic Places as information. The Alberta Heritage Survey includes 34 properties in Sturgeon County, including sheds, barns, residential dwellings, and commercial facilities like Johnny’s Store. There are also three provincial and federally designated heritage sites in Sturgeon County. 

Community Grant Allocations 

Council allocated $512,816 in community grants to 26 community groups. Most of this funding is provided through the Community Aggregate Payment (CAP) levy, which is paid by sand and gravel extraction operators, with the remainder paid through the 2024 operating budget.  

Council also approved Casa Vista Country Club #3 as a recognized community association. 

Motor Grader Purchase Contract Awards 

Council awarded the contract for a motor grader to each Brandt Tractor and Finning Canada. These graders are used year-round for road maintenance to maintain and enhance County road infrastructure. 

Financial Report and Audited Financial Statements 

Council accepted the T3 Financial Report as information and approved the 2023 Audited Financial Statements. Council also approved the transfer of the remaining $833,545 from the 2023 operating surplus to the general operating reserve for future consideration. 

Capital Funding Summary and Reallocations 

Council approved the 2023 Capital Housekeeping Amendments. 

Council approved updates to the Trestle Ridge Waterline Local Improvement Annual Tax, as referenced in Bylaw 1599/22, to increase the tax rate for each parcel of land from $1,967.19 to $2,236.08. This ensures enough revenue is collected to pay the actual cost of the local improvement. Council also approved a transfer of $67,082 from the Utility Capital Reserve to fund the Trestle Ridge Waterline Local Improvement due to two fewer parcels of land being realized within the area. 

Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework Advocacy Letter 

Council directed the Mayor to send a letter to the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding Sturgeon County’s input on Intermunicipal Collaboration Framework (ICF) legislation. Sturgeon County must have ICFs with neighbouring municipalities that specify what and how services are funded and delivered between communities, and the Government of Alberta is currently seeking feedback from municipalities on proposed legislation. 

Endorsing Councillor Comeau’s Nomination to Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board 

Council endorsed Councillor Neal Comeau to stand for election on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) Board of Directors for the period from June 2024 to June 2025, and Council agreed to assume all costs associated with Councillor Comeau attending FCM’s Board of Directors meetings. FCM is a non-partisan organization that represents the interests of member municipalities on policy and program matters that fall within federal jurisdiction. 

Committee of the Whole 

Council received a presentation from Edmonton Airports and accepted the presentation as information. The presentation highlighted the successes of Edmonton Airports and future priorities, as well as ongoing work with the Villeneuve Airport. 

Next Council Meeting 

The next Sturgeon County Council meeting will be held at 9 a.m. on May 14, 2024. Future agendas and past meeting minutes can be found online

Fast facts about land use bylaw amendments and public hearings 

View our webpage about land use planning and community engagement. 

  • At Sturgeon County, before Council gets public feedback on a proposed land use bylaw amendment, it gives the proposed bylaw first reading. This does not mean Council supports the bylaw; this allows the proposed bylaw to go to the next stage of the bylaw process, which is gathering public input. 
  • Public hearings, along with other public notices, are promoted on the public notices page on the Sturgeon County website as well as in local newspapers, on social media, and on road signs in accordance with the Public Notification Bylaw
  • Public hearings are open to any members of the public to view or provide input. 
    • Viewing the public hearing: You can view the hearing in-person or via livestream at 
    • Making a written submission: you can provide a written submission by email up to the close of the public hearing. 
    • Speaking at the public hearing: you can provide a statement at the public hearing in person or via videoconference. You are encouraged to pre-register to speak in-person at the public hearing. If you wish to speak via videoconference, you must register at least 24 hours prior to the opening of the public hearing. Register by contacting Legislative Services at 780-939-8277. 
  • When considering public input, Council considers how and to what degree the person is impacted by the proposed amendment. 

A fire restriction is in effect for Sturgeon County and the towns of Bon Accord, Legal and Redwater.

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