Driving Success Together – A Recap of Our Shop Local Campaign

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In the spirit of community and festive cheer, we recently we embarked on an exciting journey with the Shop Local Holiday Box giveaway. Our mission? To shine a spotlight on the incredible local businesses that make our community vibrant. This recap celebrates the success and impact of a campaign dedicated to boosting awareness and support for our community’s businesses.

What Went Down

Picture this – a curated Holiday Box featuring goodies from various local spots. From cozy mittens to golf experiences and tasty treats, we wanted to spread the love and encourage everyone to shop local this season. To enter, all residents had to do was like and comment on campaign social media posts from December 4 to 8.

Campaign Snapshot

  • Community Buzz: Our campaign wasn’t just about gifts; it sparked conversations. People were excited to explore and support businesses they might not have known about. Through strategic use of social media and targeted advertising, we were able to reach over 25K people, surpassing initial expectations.
  • Social Media Magic: The campaign lit up on social media. Shares, comments and tags flooded our feeds, creating a ripple effect of support and enthusiasm. Our combined efforts resulted in a over 4K engagements with posts and advertising across all platforms, indicating a positive reception of our message. Bonus: We were able to use the commentary from the social posts to create a crowd-sourced article with last-minute holiday shopping ideas.
  • Web Traffic Surge: The buzz around the Holiday Box also translated to a significant increase in web traffic to our campaign landing page, approximately 1,500 visitors. Various companies involved in the giveaway were featured on this page, thus increasing their online visibility and amplifying local business awareness.

Challenges and Learnings

  • Scale Back Prize Offerings: Next year, it would be great to engage with five partners on bigger prize offerings that can be featured daily. This will give each partner involved in the giveaway more promotion and allow for more thorough product features.
  • Partner Cross-Promotion: If we scale back prize offerings, we can be more coordinated in our promotional efforts and encourage partners involved to help increase awareness of the giveaways on their own social channels.

The Shop Local Holiday Box giveaway wasn’t just about gifts; it was a celebration of community spirit. As we wrap up this festive chapter, our dedication to supporting local businesses remains unwavering. Here’s to a community that comes together, shops local, and continues to thrive, one holiday box at a time!

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