Sturgeon County’s bylaws and policies help maintain the health, safety and well-being of the entire community. Policies are Council statements that guide decision-making on municipal matters.


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Bylaw 1600-22: Major Investment Incentives Bylaw
Bylaw 1597-22: Diversified Agriculture Amendments to Land Use Bylaw
Bylaw 1579-22: Coal Mine Road Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1578-22: Sturgeon Crest Subdivision Road Rehabilitation Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1577-22: Range Road 272 Upgrade Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1576-22: Range Road 234 Reconstruction Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1575-22: Range Road 11 Improvement Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1574-22: Meadowview Drive Phase 2 Rehabilitation Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1573-22: Bridge File 2212 Rehabilitation Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1562-21: Clean Energy Improvement Tax Bylaw
Bylaw 1558-21: Surface Drainage Bylaw
Bylaw 1313-13: Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Bylaw
Bylaw 1552-21: Heartland Incentive Bylaw
Bylaw 1548-21: Sturgeon Industrial Park Area Off-Site Levy Bylaw
Bylaw 1538-21: Agribusiness and Agritourism Review Task Force (AARTF) Bylaw
Bylaw 1536-21: Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) Bylaw
Bylaw 1535-21: Property Tax Penalty Bylaw
Bylaw 1532-21: Pine Sands Subdivision Road Rehabilitation Debenture Bylaw
Bylaw 1531-21: Sturgeon Valley Off-Site Levy Bylaw
Bylaw 1530-21: Broadband Infrastructure Debenture Bylaw

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Fire Advisory: Due to dry conditions and a lack of precipitation, a fire advisory is now in effect for Sturgeon County as of April 3. 

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