Policies are Council statements that guide decision-making on municipal matters. Council approves, amends or rescinds policies that set discretionary duties or standards of performance. Policies are posted on our website to promote awareness, transparency, accountability, and to serve as a convenient reference for Council, administration and the public.


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Policy: Environmental Reserve Lease or Purchase Policy
Policy: Encroachment Agreements Policy
Policy: Elected Official Remuneration Policy
Policy: Dust Suppression Policy
Policy: Disposal of Surplus Assets and Goods Policy
Policy: Development Agreement Securities Policy
Policy: Development Agreements Policy
Policy: Debt Management Policy
Policy: Council Public Relations Policy
Policy: Councillor Business Expense Policy
Policy: Conditional Subdivision Approval Extension Policy
Policy: Compliance Certificates Policy
Policy: Capital Budgeting Policy
Policy: Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) Performance Evaluation Policy
Policy: Board and Committee Public Member Remuneration Policy
Policy: Board and Committee Appointments Policy
Policy: Audit Policy
Policy: Audio Video Collection Systems Policy

A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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