Form: Submit an Event

Event submissions are subject to approval by Sturgeon County. Submissions may be edited for clarity or removed at any time. Sturgeon County is not responsible for incorrect information, dates, or details.

All events must be hosted within the boundaries of Sturgeon County or in support of an initiative that is within the boundaries.

Eligible events may include:

  • Community meetings and local meet ups • Community garage sales and swap meets
  • Local markets such as farmers markets,
    craft fairs and holiday markets.
  • Workshops, programs, and classes for education, exercise, art and culture, and
  • Not-for-profit organization events
  • Registered fundraisers

Events not allowed:

  • Political gatherings, support or nomination
  • Personal or individual businesses, sales, advertisement or demonstrations
  • Personal garage sales (note: community-led sales are eligible)
  • Events that promote any form of discrimination or hate speech

If your event is determined to be ineligible it will be declined or removed without notice.

If you have questions or need help with your event submission, contact

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