Sturgeon County and Town of Legal Intermunicipal Committee Meeting

Sturgeon County and the Town of Legal have met to discuss the Town’s hockey arena and curling rink modernization project and funding request. Two meetings have occurred to date (March 25 and April 26).

Discussions are taking place through the municipalities’ Intermunicipal Committee, which was established through a collaboration agreement between the communities. These agreements, called Intermunicipal Collaboration Frameworks, are mandatory under the Municipal Government Act, and are meant to encourage intermunicipal cooperation, efficient use of resources, and fair cost-sharing for services benefiting the partner municipalities.

Intermunicipal Committee membership includes the following members of Council:

Sturgeon County: Mayor Hnatiw, Deputy Mayor Stang, and Councillor Toms

Town of Legal: Mayor Jones, Deputy Mayor Tremblay, and Councillor Malott

During the initial meetings, the Town of Legal provided an overview of the proposed arena and curling rink renovations, funding needs, the history and community impact of the aging arena and curling rink facilities, and potential timelines for the project.

The two communities are also discussing recreation usership data, which is being collected and analyzed to understand usage patterns and identify areas for potential efficiencies and improvement.

Committee meetings are expected to continue as the funding request is reviewed and discussed further. Additional details will be provided as discussions progress.

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