Public Notice: Telecommunications Tower

Wolf Carbon Solutions Inc. in accordance with obligations under the Radiocommunications Actand Industry Canada procedure CPC-2-0-03, hereby notifies residents of its intention to develop a 190′ lattice, free-standing, telecommunications tower at the following location:


  • Latitude = N53.830971
  • Longitude = W113.115488

The lattice tower will have low visual impact, blending in with the surrounding heavy industrial area, and will support multiple antennas/appendages which may extend over the tower up to 199’. Co-location is not possible due to the location and site requirements. The location is fenced with no public access.

Transport Canada regulatory requirements are met and approved with no
tower lights or markings required. Installation will respect good engineering practices including structural adequacy and comply with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 requirements.


Safety Code 6 Attestation: Wolf Carbon Solutions Inc. attest that the radio installation described in this notification package will be installed and operated on an ongoing basis to comply with Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 requirements.

Please Take Notice that the approval of telecommunications facilities and their design are under exclusive jurisdiction of the Government of Canada through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) previously known as Industry Canada.

ANY PERSON may make a written submission to the individuals listed below on or before Jan. 21st, 2024, with respect to this matter.

Wolf Contact:
Bruce Koss
6227 15 Sunpark Way SE
Calgary, AB, T2X 0M5
Telephone: (403) 358-8452

Sturgeon County Contact:
Sturgeon County
Attention: Planning & Development
9613 100 Street, Morinville, AB, T8R 1L9
Telephone: (780) 939-8275

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