Budget 2023


In December of each year, Sturgeon County Council approves an Operating and Capital Budget. The County uses a multi-year Capital Budget plan to help guide forecasting and procurement needs. The Operating Budget is approved annually, and it accounts for the day-to-day operations of the municipality.

In April or May, the County’s tax rate bylaw is approved. It includes the provincial requisitions for education and senior’s housing. The final budget, including these requisitions, determines the tax rates for the County.

The 2023 Budget focuses on financial sustainability while maintaining the services and programs that matter most to the community.

2023 Budget One-Page Summary Graphic
2023 Operating Budgets
2023-2025 Capital Funding & Projects

Watch a recording of Stugeon County Council’s 2023 Budget deliberations.

Corporate Finance and Treasury


More information

This Guide from Alberta Municipal Affairs will help with reading the financial statements and understanding the numbers. If you have questions about the financial documents, contact Corporate Finance and Treasury at 780-939-4321.