Sturgeon County Council Recap | August 22, 2023

Published on Aug 23, 2023

Here are the highlights from the August 22, 2023, Sturgeon County Council Meeting:


Mayor Alanna Hnatiw made the following proclamations:
Alberta Development Officers Week, September 18 – 22, 2023
Rail Safety Week, September 18 – 24, 2023

Request for Payment Time Extension for Firefighting Invoice – 55227 Range Road 255

Council approved a request for a further extension for payment of firefighting costs applied pursuant to section 10.3 of the Fire Services Bylaw. The request was in response to charges in the sum of $206,087.45 to cover the costs of additional resources needed for a drilling rig fire that was threatening a home under construction in December 2021.

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

Council gave first reading of Bylaw 1624/23, which proposes to redistrict a 5.5 acre parcel located at Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 2122926 from AG – Agriculture District to AG2 – Agriculture 2 District. Sturgeon County received a request from the landowner for a development permit for a proposed event venue to be located approximately 1.5 km west of the City of St. Albert along Highway 633. This type of activity is not permitted under the current land use zoning and would require redistricting. A public hearing will be scheduled before Council considers the bylaw further. Details on the public hearing will be posted on the Public Notices page.



County Facilities Review

Council approved a County Facilities Review be done to assess and document Sturgeon County facilities. The review would include an evaluation of general physical condition and anticipated future costs of maintenance and repairs; adequate space for potential growth; and alternatives for future uses. The cost of the review will be $150,000. The last review was done over 10 years ago

Tax Agreement for MAGA Energy

Council refused the proposed tax agreement proposed by MAGA Energy to pay off taxes in arrears and current year taxes. MAGA Energy has $385,550.29 in taxes owing dating back to 2021.

Public Hearings

Council held a public hearing for the following three bylaws:

Bylaw 1631/23 Bylaw Enforcement Officer Technical Amendments Bylaw.
Although consideration of second and third reading was included on the August 22 agenda, Council has deferred consideration to a future meeting.

Bylaw 1623/23 Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 1385/17 – Redistricting of a Portion Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 092 2252 (55010 Range Road 231) from AG – Agriculture District to AG2 – Agriculture 2 District.
Council will consider the presentations and the submissions and will make a decision at a future Council Meeting.

Bylaw 1628/23 – Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 1385/17 – Redistricting of a Portion of NW-6-57-23-W4M (Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 1722474).
Council will consider the presentations and the submissions and will make a decision at a future Council Meeting.


Next Council Meeting

The next Sturgeon County Council meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on September 5, 2023.
Future agendas and past meeting minutes can be found online.

Fast facts about land use bylaw amendments and public hearings

View the Land Use Planning & Community Engagement page(s).

  • At Sturgeon County, before Council gets public feedback on a proposed land use bylaw amendment, it gives the proposed bylaw first reading. This does not mean Council supports the bylaw; this allows the proposed bylaw to go to the next stage of the bylaw process, which is gathering public input.
  • Public hearings, along with other public notices, are promoted on the public notices page and in local newspapers.
  • Public hearings are open to any members of the public to view or provide input.
    • Viewing the public hearing: You can view the hearing in-person or via livestream
    • Making a written submission: you can provide a written submission by email up to the close of the public hearing.
    • Speaking at the public hearing: you can provide a statement at the public hearing in person or via videoconference. You are encouraged to pre-register to speak in-person at the public hearing. If you wish to speak via videoconference, you must register at least 24 hours prior to the opening of the public hearing. Register by contacting Legislative Services at 780-939-8277

When considering public input, Council considers how and to what degree the person is impacted by the proposed amendment.


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