Sturgeon County Council Recap | September 26, 2023

Mayor Alanna Hnatiw proclaimed September 30 as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Sturgeon County.

Land Use Bylaw Matters

Council gave second and third reading of Bylaw 1624/23, approving the rezoning of 26127 Highway 633 (NW-11-54-26-4) from AG – Agriculture District to AG2 – Agriculture 2 District so the property owner can operate an event venue for weddings, family gatherings and other events. Council’s decision considered input shared by the public at the Sept. 12 public hearing. To operate an event venue in Sturgeon County, land must be zoned as AG2 – Agriculture 2 District before the applicant can apply for an event venue development permit.

Council did not provide second reading of Bylaw 1623/23 which proposed to redistrict 55010 Range Road 231 (SE-2-55-23-W4M) from AG – Agriculture District to AG2 – Agriculture 2 District so the property owner could operate an event venue. The parcel is accessed off Range Road 231, approximately 425 metres north of Highway 37. Council’s decision considered input shared by the public at the Aug. 22 public hearing.

Council gave first reading of Bylaw 1634/23, which proposes to redistrict approximately 3.26 acres (1.32 hectares) of land owned by the Alcomdale Community League at 400 Main Street 57000 Highway 44 from R4 – Hamlet Serviced Residential District to REC – Recreational District. This would support the creation of four non-serviced RV camping stalls and address existing recreational development. To operate RV camping and outdoor recreation facilities in Sturgeon County, land must be zoned as REC – Recreational District. This land has historically been used for recreational purposes, dating back to the 1940s. Due to an 80-year-old Land Titles registration error, there are two undeveloped road rights-of-way running through the land. Council waived the redistricting application fee and future road closure application fees, totalling $5,500, due to the nature of the application. A public hearing will be scheduled and will allow adjacent landowners to provide their feedback before Council considers the proposed bylaw further. Details of the public hearing will be posted on the public notices page on the Sturgeon County website.

Review of Bylaws Associated with Community Development and Maintenance

Council directed Administration to conduct a review of bylaws associated with development and community maintenance, including associated community trends, any bylaw/policy or resourcing gaps, process streamlining and other recommendations.

    Fast facts about land use bylaw amendments and public hearings:

    • At Sturgeon County, before Council seeks public feedback on a proposed land use bylaw amendment, Council gives first reading of the proposed bylaw. This does not mean Council supports the bylaw, but that Council is agreeing for the proposed bylaw to proceed to the next stage of the bylaw process, being receipt of public feedback.
    • Public hearings are open to any members of the public, but in considering feedback, Council must consider how and the degree to which the person making a written submission or speaking at a public hearing is affected by the proposal.
    • Anyone wishing to provide comments on a proposed bylaw can submit them in writing in advance, attend the Council Meeting in person, or participate virtually.
    • For more details and to register for a public hearing, call Legislative Services at 780-939-8277.
    • Public hearings, along with other public notices, are posted on the Public Notices page on our website.
    Next Council Meeting

    The next Sturgeon County Council meeting will be held at 9:00 a.m. on October 10, 2023.

    Future agendas and past meeting minutes can be found online.

    #SturgeonCounty offices will be operating with reduced hours May 17, to accommodate a staff training event. Offices will re-open from 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

    Fire Advisory: Due to dry conditions and a lack of precipitation, a fire advisory is now in effect for Sturgeon County as of April 3. 

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