Sturgeon County’s Villeneuve Airport area is open for business

Lands adjacent to the Villeneuve Airport have now received regional approval for development

Sturgeon County’s Villeneuve Airport area lands, which are adjacent to the Villeneuve Airport itself, is primed to support billions in new investment, with new development and infrastructure plans in place.

Sturgeon County Council approved the Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan (VAA-ASP) at its meeting on Oct. 10. This marks the final planning step in the multi-year process to establish specific land use and infrastructure plans for the area that will facilitate key sectors in locating there, and further diversify the local economy. Going forward, municipal officials will confirm rates for offsite infrastructure costs, and will work with prospective investors to integrate their plans and specific interests.

The Villeneuve Airport and area has a tremendous foundation for growth, with existing intermodal (air, road and rail) transportation networks, direct market access, affordable lease and purchased lands, water and other municipal servicing, fibre optic broadband connectivity, major events such as the Alberta International Airshow, and a base of successful airside and ground side businesses.

“The Villeneuve Airport and its surrounding area are among Alberta’s most attractive locations for domestic and global investment,” said Mayor Alanna Hnatiw. “We are thrilled that our integrated land use plan, coupled with our ongoing partnership and joint planning with the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority, will provide companies with the certainty needed to confidently locate here.”

The Villeneuve Airport is already home to 23 businesses with hundreds of employees in aircraft flight training, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter maintenance, and aviation operations. The airport is operated by the Edmonton Regional Airports Authority, and currently generates $61 million in economic output.

New investment is expected across many sectors including aviation and aerospace, defence, research and testing, advanced manufacturing, renewable energy, value-added agriculture, agri-innovation, and logistics. Recent economic studies predict the area will attract nearly $2 billion in new development and more than 1,700 new jobs in the initial development phases.

Work is already underway to support new investment and several companies have approached municipal officials to confidentially discuss their plans.

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