Talent You Need, When You Need It

Finding top-tier talent for specialized projects can be a daunting task, especially for businesses with limited resources. Mitacs recognizes this challenge and serves as a conduit between industry and academia, facilitating collaborations that drive innovation and growth. 

With an extensive network spanning Canada’s innovation ecosystem, Mitacs joins businesses with the right experts at the right time for their projects. This means tapping into the diverse pool of knowledge and skills present in universities and colleges across the country. 

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Partnering with MacEwan University 

Mitacs has a network of over 100 advisors embedded in post-secondary institutions nationwide, including MacEwan University. Whether your project requires cutting-edge research, technological innovation, or creative problem-solving, you can get connected with the resources you need to succeed. By leveraging MacEwan’s academic talent, businesses can drive their initiatives forward and stay competitive in today’s market. 

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  • Leverage Your R&D/Innovation Budgets: Mitacs provides funding opportunities to assist businesses in leveraging their budgets, making innovation more accessible and affordable. They will pay up to 50 per cent of the academic talent’s wage. 
  • Tailored Project Development: Mitacs works closely with businesses to develop the scope and roadmap of projects, ensuring alignment with their goals and objectives. 
  • Access to Expertise: Mitacs connects businesses with expertise not available in-house, tapping into MacEwan’s diverse faculty and research capabilities. 
  • Identify and Harness Talent: Mitacs provides businesses with the unique opportunity to identify and recruit top academic talent, fostering a pipeline of future employees who are already familiar with your projects and business culture. 

How to Get Started 

Ready to unlock the full potential of your business through innovation? Contact MacEwan University’s lead to explore partnership opportunities, via Mitcas, and kickstart your next project. 

Dr. Parminder Singh Kang PhD, CAP, MSc
Associate Professor – Supply Chain Management 

School of Business, MacEwan University 
Email: kangp7@macewan.ca 

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Dr. Kang has successfully delivered a range of projects with Mitacs to improve business processes, enhance supply chain performance, leverage data for better decision-making, and develop advanced prediction models using statistical and machine learning methods. Connect now and embark on a journey of growth and success through collaborative innovation! 

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