Asphalt Scam Near County Projects

Sturgeon County residents should be aware of a paving scam operating in areas where the County is doing scheduled asphalt paving.

The scam is known to Service Alberta and is mostly in rural areas and small towns.

The culprits will approach a homeowner near where a legitimate Sturgeon County paving project is nearing completion. They will claim that they have leftover materials from the project and offer to pave the resident’s driveway or parking lot at a discounted price. They often use business names leading the resident to think they are hiring a government road maintenance company or that they are affiliated with one.

The owners are told to stay off the freshly paved surface for days or weeks to allow it to harden. Once the area is back in use, the asphalt quickly crumbles, and the “paving company” can’t be located to fix it.

Service Alberta advises residents to do their research before hiring a paving contractor and get several estimates from known businesses.

If you hired such a company, please contact Service Alberta, or call 1-877-427-4088 (toll free).

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