Construction Update – May 2023

Published on Jun 28, 2023
  • Construction crews have some labour shortages, wildfires have pulled locators, electrical crews, operators, and many more different trades/people from all areas of the province to help with the fire emergencies.
  • The access fiber installation is finished in Westwood Lane, Drop Crews, Rol-Anna Park. Crews are working in Pine Sands, Glory Hills.
  • Drop Crews have completed Westwood Lane and are working in rural areas west of Villeneuve. They will continue inti Rol-Anna.
  • Cable is being pulled in Pine Sands, waiting on the Splicer.
  • ONT’s continue to be installed in Hansen’s, Shil-Shol, Rosal and Dover.
  • Techs are continuing to install ONTs in SHil-Shol, Dover, and Rosal Acres.
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