Construction Updates – August 2023

As we are in peak summer construction season, we are experiencing delays in having utility locates completed. As a result, drop installations, which would normally take up to a week to complete, are now taking about two weeks. We thank you for your patience during this period.

Transport Fibre (connects subdivisions, hamlets and industrial parks together)

  • Transport crews are working their way from Villeneuve to Morinville performing drill shots as required and installing handholes. Highway 37 to Heritage park is complete.
  • Meadowview Drive will be starting next week.

Access Fibre (runs by each premise in a subdivision, hamlet or industrial park)

  • Pine Sands, Glory Hills, Villeneuve Airport and RR 262 are completed.
  • Fairhaven and West Fairhaven – approx. 95% complete for access construction.
  • Crews are 50% done Reyda Vista.

Drop fibre (connects the access fibre to the premise)

  • Rol-Anna Park and Pine Sands are complete.
  • Glory Hills and RQB are almost completed.
  • The Villeneuve Airport, Fairhaven and RR 262 are now being worked on.
  • Crews will be moving to Heritage I.P., and Northern Lights next.

Splicing (connecting the fiber segments into one continuous length)

  • The transport segment that connects West Country Hearth is now completed.
  • Pine Sands, Northern Lights and Glory Hills are complete.
  • Airport and Fairhaven will be starting next.
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