Construction Updates – December 2023

Transport Fibre (connects subdivisions, hamlets and industrial parks together)

  • Transport construction is complete!

Access Fibre (runs by each premise in a subdivision, hamlet or industrial park)

  • Pro North – pipeline crossing is complete; waiting on ATCO for the pipeline proximity agreement.
  • All other access construction is complete.

Drop fibre (connects the access fibre to the premise)

  • Working on transport drops on the east side of Villeneuve.
  • 88 drops remaining, another crew will be starting in mid-December to work on remaining drops until the end of this year.

Splicing (connecting the fiber segments into one continuous length)

  • Currently working along Meadowview Drive.
  • T5 (Range Road 255 and Highway 642) is 65 per cent complete.
  • Pro North will be started when the pipeline crossings are completed.

ONT installation (the last step before service is available to a premise)

  • ONT’s are being installed in areas west of Villeneuve, they will start installation on the east side of Villeneuve as soon as the cabinet is connected.
  • Appointments for installation will increase once the cabinet is connected.

A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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