From the Oil Field to Wagging Tails

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How Steel House Doggy Daycare Unleashed Success in Sturgeon County 

Once entrenched in the world of oil and gas, the founders of Steel House Doggy Daycare found themselves yearning for a change that would not only bring joy but also fulfillment. The result? A haven for little furry companions where wagging tails and adorable faces replaces the stresses of the oil and gas industry.

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Their facility, spanning 4,000 square feet indoors and nearly an acre outdoors, is a little paradise for the tiny paws. Located in Sturgeon County’s Pro North Industrial Park, just minutes from St. Albert, there’s tons of space for the pups to explore and play as they wish. Dogs at Steel House enjoy a home away from home, participating in daycare activities during the day and snuggling up with the owners at night. The love and care showered upon these little companions is evident in every detail, from leather couches to TV’s, lamps, and cedar walls mirroring a cozy home environment.

Triumph Amid a Global Pandemic
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Amid the uncertainties of the global pandemic, the doggy daycare made a strategic pivot, deciding to focus exclusively on small dog breeds (weighing under 20 pounds). This decision was not just a survival tactic but a commitment to creating a specialized and exceptional experience for their furry clients. On September 18, 2023, they celebrated their fourth anniversary, a testament to the perseverance of its founders and the loyalty of its growing clientele. This achievement is even more remarkable considering the hurdles faced, opening just five months before the onset of the pandemic.

“We go the extra mile each and every day in everything we do,” says Founder Bridget Churchill. “Our dedication is evident in the clean, safe spaces provided for the dogs to run, rest, and play. The facility is not just a daycare; it’s a vacation destination for these little furry friends.”

What sets Steel House Doggy Daycare apart is not just its unique services but also its commitment to continuous improvement. They view themselves as an ongoing project, continually striving to improve their services. The founders express gratitude through special events like Halloween, Christmas, and birthday celebrations, capturing precious moments and cherishing the bonds formed.

Sturgeon County plays a pivotal role in this success story. Positioned as an internationally competitive and supportive municipality, the county provides an ideal location for Steel House Doggy Daycare to thrive. The location also provides access to a large clientele base which contributes to the growth and success of this heartwarming venture.

The journey of Steel House Doggy Daycare stands out as a testament to resilience, ambition, and the unwavering support found in Sturgeon County. Its evolution serves as an inspiration to entrepreneurs seeking fulfillment, joy, and success in unexpected places. In the heart of Sturgeon County, Steel House Doggy Daycare has not just found a location; it has found a home for its unique brand and care for little furry companions.

A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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