Sturgeon County Council Recap | March 28, 2023

Mayor Alanna Hnatiw acknowledged that Sunday, April 9, 2023, is Vimy Ridge Day and noted the flags at Sturgeon County buildings will be flown at half-mast on that date.

Council received a presentation from James Betz requesting a waiver of a Development Permit Fee Penalty for Development Permit 305305-22-D0320. Administration will bring forward a recommendation for Council at a future meeting.

Council passed Bylaw 1615/23, which redistricts a portion of NE-5-55-24-W4M from Agriculture District to the new Agriculture 2 District. With this redistricting approved, the applicant can submit an application to establish an event venue. This is the first application for redistricting under the new Diversified Agriculture Bylaw.

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

2023 Tax Rate recommended to be reduced to 2.9 per cent

Administration provided an update on the 2023 Assessment Update and Taxation Rates. During the presentation, Administration noted the finalized 2023 assessments resulted in approximately 7.12 per cent or approximately $764 million more assessment than what was anticipated. Following the presentation, Council directed the 2023 Taxation Rates Bylaw reflect a tax rate increase of 2.9 per cent, down from 3.9 per cent previously recommended. Council also directed that Administration not proceed with the proposed tax stabilization transfer from reserves in the amount of $1,168,144. The Tax Rate Bylaw will come before Council at the April 11, 2023 Council Meeting.

County to purchase three new graders

Council awarded the contract for the purchase of three 872GP motor graders to Brandt Tractor, at a contract price of $2,058,005.16 excluding GST. To facilitate the purchase, Council also authorized the budgeted amount of $1,860,000 to be increased by $198,005.16, and that the difference be funded by the Vehicle & Equipment Reserve.

Road Closure Bylaw – NE-16-54-26-W4M

Council gave first reading of Bylaw 1626/23 – Road Closure Bylaw regarding the proposed closure of an undeveloped road allowance located NE-16-54-26-W4M near Range Road 263 north of Highway 633. The closure is required due to a bridge repair conducted previously and is a procedural matter to fulfill Alberta Transportation requirements for road closures. A public hearing will be scheduled before Council considers the bylaw further. Details on the public hearing will be posted on the Public Notices page on the Sturgeon County website.

2023 Alberta International Air Show

Following a closed session discussion, Council directed that additional resources be allocated to support the 2023 Alberta International Air Show including assisting with event planning with groundside initiatives and events, organizing and activating the VIP / Business Showcase area, and coordinating event access, parking, and traffic accommodations.

Fast facts about land use bylaw amendments and public hearings:

  • At Sturgeon County, before Council seeks public feedback on a proposed land use bylaw amendment, Council gives first reading of the proposed bylaw. This does not mean Council supports the bylaw, but that Council is agreeing for the proposed bylaw to proceed to the next stage of the bylaw process, being receipt of public feedback.
  • Public hearings are open to any members of the public, but in considering feedback, Council must consider how and the degree to which the person making a written submission or speaking at a public hearing is affected by the proposal.
  • Anyone wishing to provide comments on a proposed bylaw can submit them in writing in advance, attend the Council Meeting in person, or participate virtually.
  • For more details and to register for a public hearing, call Legislative Services at 780-939-8277.
  • Public hearings, along with other public notices, are posted on the Public Notices page on our website.
Next Council Meeting

#SturgeonCounty offices will be operating with reduced hours May 17, to accommodate a staff training event. Offices will re-open from 10:30 AM - 4:30 PM.

Fire Advisory: Due to dry conditions and a lack of precipitation, a fire advisory is now in effect for Sturgeon County as of April 3. 

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