Construction Update – September 2022

Transport crews:

  • Completed the conduits along Hwy 37 between Rge Rd 10 and Rge Rd 275, and along Rge Rd 10 up to Pine Sands from Hwy 37, along Rge Rd 255 and Hwy 642 towards Heritage Industrial Park. After that they will head along 554 towards RQB.

Access crews:

  • Working in Dover Estates and finishing up Calahoo. Next they will be in Rosal Acres and Westwood Lanes. One of the crews will install the conduit along the route from Calahoo to Shil-Shol.

Drop crews:

  • Working in Calahoo, finishing up Shil-Shol and then heading to Dover Estates and Rosal Acres after that.

Other Info:

  • Villeneuve, Turfside, Hansen’s now have cable installed, and cable is being put into the conduits in Calahoo and splicing is taking in place in Turfside.
  • Splicing is finished in Villeneuve.
  • Cable has been installed in Calahoo and Shil-Shol.
  • Turfside and Hansens have been spliced, They are ready for ONT’s to be installed. The splicer will be in Calahoo and then Dover Estates.
  • The cabinet has been installed in Villeneuve and should be going live in mid-November.
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