Construction Update – October 2022

Transport crew:

  • Wrapping up the mainline conduit east of Villeneuve along 633 and north into Terrault Estates. Transport Crew will be working its way south of 633 into the Fairhavens.

Access crews:

  • Finishing off Heritage I.P., Dover Estates.
  • Working in Shil-Shol, Rosal Acres and RQB right now. Access crews will continue in Shil-Shol and RQB while working down towards Westwood Lanes.

Drop crews:

  • Will be in Heritage I.P.
  • Wrapping up Dover Estates and Rosal Acres. Drop crews will be in Terrault and RQB.

Other Info:

  • Cable was placed in the conduit in Dover Estates by a sub-contractor.
  • Cable is being pulled into conduits in Heritage I.P., Terrault Estates and Rosal Acres. Splicing is continueing in Dover Estates, Calahoo, Terrault and Heritage I.P.
  • The cabinet in Villeneuve has been installed and has power to it. Telus is scheduled to do their installation work there in the beginning of November.

A fire advisory is in effect for Sturgeon County due to high temperatures and lack of precipitation.

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