Construction Update – November 2022

Transport crews:

  • Completed the highway east of Villeneuve, Meadowview Drive and finished some pipelines crossings along the highway from Villeneuve to Calahoo.

Access crews:

  • Completed Rosal Acres, Shil-Shol and RQB is half done. RQB access conduit was finished and that crew is now in Northern Lights. Will be focusing on areas east of Villenueve.

Drop crews:

  • Have finished up Rosal Acres, Terrault Estates and are currently in RQb and Northern Lights. Working in Terrault Estates and in Shil-Shol currently.

Other Info:

  • Fibre was placed in the conduits in Heritage, Terrault Estates and Rosal Acres. Splicing was completed in Rosal Acres and Dover Estates. Fortis will need to complete energizing of the Calahoo cabinet,  Villeneuve is powered up, cable splicing is needed. Cable will be jetted in from Villeneuve to Calahoo soon.
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