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Sturgeon County has entered construction on Phase 1 of the Sturgeon Broadband Fibre Network, to provide residents and businesses with leading-edge network right to their doors. Phase 1 takes place in the southwest corner of the County.
Please check the broadband availability map, to see if your property is in in the Core Service Area and eligible to receive the fibre at no cost to you.

Benefits of the new network include:

Speed: Increased minimum speeds of 100 megabits per second (mbps), almost 10 times faster than the existing average speed in Sturgeon County.

Reliability: Fibre can consistently handle more users and more data at higher speeds and is more reliable than other broadband services.

Security: Fibre optic networks are more secure. Optical fibre is immune to electrical interference and has zero electrical emissions.

Complete Your Access Agreement

To begin installation and avoid any delays, property owners in the Core Service Area are asked to complete an Access Agreement granting permission for contractors to enter the property and perform the installation from the roadside to your home or business.

Complete Access Agreement Online

Download Form and Return to County via:

Sturgeon County Centre
613 – 100 Street
Morinville, AB
T8R 1L9


Need More Information?

A fire restriction is in effect for Sturgeon County and the towns of Bon Accord, Legal and Redwater.

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