Recognizing firefighters for their service and dedication

Sturgeon County – alongside the towns of Bon Accord, Gibbons, Legal, Morinville and Redwater – is recognizing the achievements of area firefighters celebrating long-service or training milestones. 

Congratulations on your outstanding achievements and thank you for your dedication, bravery and resilience. We are privileged and proud to have such a dedicated group of firefighters serving our region. Thank you for all that you do. 

Long-Service Awards

5-year recipients 

Firefighter Rayce Pool — Station 1 (Calahoo) 

Lieutenant Victoria Van Der Kley — Station 5 (Bon Accord) 

Firefighter Heber Vasquez — Station 5 (Bon Accord) 

Captain Shannon McKenzie — Station 7 (Redwater) 

Captain Chris Cook — Station 7 (Redwater) 

Firefighter Nia McKenzie — Station 7 (Redwater) 

Firefighter Cameron Pinault — Gibbons Fire Department 

Firefighter Colby Rosenthal — Morinville Fire Department 

Firefighter Matthew Lorenzin — Morinville Fire Department 

Firefighter Tyler Beck— Morinville Fire Department

10-year recipients 

Firefighter Brady Berube — Station 4 (Namao) 

Firefighter Jevin van der Leek — Station 5 (Bon Accord) 

Lieutenant Tyler Proulx — Morinville Fire Department 

15-year recipients 

Captain Bret Wilson — Morinville Fire Department 

20-year recipients 

Captain Steven Gaetz (Morinville Fire Department)

NFPA 1001 Level I Recognition Awards 

Station 1 (Calahoo) 

Firefighter Christine Matkea 

Firefighter Norman Quilichini 

Station 3 (Legal) 

Firefighter Brendon Gogo 

Firefighter Brandon Spilsbury 

Station 4 (Namao) 

Firefighter Isaac Elliott 

Firefighter Hannah Black-Wallis 

Firefighter Ryan Condon 

Firefighter Teri Fralick 

Firefighter Devin Mackay 

Station 5 (Bon Accord) 

Firefighter Hyland Dalman 

Firefighter Tyson Lewis 

Firefighter Payson Saunders 

Station 7 (Redwater) 

Firefighter Owan Cowan 

Firefighter Brian Martin 

Firefighter Daniel Taal

NFPA 1001 Level II Recognition Awards 

Station 1 (Calahoo) 

Firefighter Natashia Goertzen 

Station 3 (Legal) 

Firefighter Brendan Beier 

Firefighter Rachael Morrissey 

Firefighter Corey Pelley 

Firefighter Travis St. Jean 

Station 4 (Namao) 

Firefighter Curtis Peck 

Firefighter Katherine Elliott 

Station 5 (Bon Accord) 

Firefighter Kiana Bailey 

Firefighter Russell Beairsto 

Firefighter Jordan Brown 

Firefighter Mark Burke 

Firefighter Kirk Paproski 

Station 7 (Redwater) 

Lieutenant Sean Gilfillan 

Firefighter Chad Clark 

Firefighter Tyler Saunter 

Gibbons Fire Department 

Firefighter Jason Barrett

Sturgeon County offices will be closed Monday, February 19 for Family Day. Offices will re-open Tuesday, February 20 at 8:30 a.m.

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