Complete your Access Agreement today! 

In order to complete installation from the roadside to your home or business, a completed Access Agreement is required from the property owner to grant contractors permission to enter the property.

Construction is underway, residents in the Core Service Area should complete the Access Agreement as soon as possbile to ensure broadband fibre is installed on your property without delay and to avoid additional costs or fees.

Sign Online

Property Owners can complete the Access Agreement for their property online*, please note that in order to submit online you will need to verify the email address entered.

An Access Agreement is required for each individual property.

Download, Sign Offline

If you prefer to fill the form out offline it can be downloaded here, and returned to the County via:


Mail – 9613-100 Street, Morinville, AB, T8R 1L9.

In-Person Drop off – Sturgeon County Centre at 9613-100 Street, Morinville, Alberta.

*Please Note: If you submit your agreement digitally, please check your inbox for the final confirmation email to complete the submission of your Access Agreement. This email will contain a link to confirm the submission, please follow this link for the final steps. 

Core Service Area:
If you own property in a subdivision, hamlet or along the fibre service route, you will have access to the fibre network. Business parks will also have access to the county’s network.
If you choose to use an internet service provider on the network, you will notice increased speed and reliability.

Extended Service Area:
If you are not on the designated fibre service route, you still have options to receive the fibre to your location.

Unsure if you are in the Core or Extended service area? Visit our Broadband availability map for more information.