Internet for New Residents and Businesses

If you’re new to the County, either as a resident or business owner, you will likely be looking for high-speed internet. To ensure you get the level of internet that best meets your needs for speed, reliability, customer service, and pricing, it is important that you understand and research your alternatives. Neighbours can be an excellent source of information. Here is an overview of some of your options.

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Wireless Internet

The most common way residents and businesses get their internet is through a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP). WISPs install towers throughout the County and then put an antenna on your house to connect it to the tower.

Wireless internet speeds are highly dependent on distance from the tower, topography, and barriers such as tree cover and buildings. You will often get the best service from the towers closest to you, subject to hills and trees.

Wireless Internet Service Providers

All ISPs are not the same! They have their own towers and technology, so choosing the best provider can be a challenge. Neighbours are a good source of information on local providers. The County can also help identify the ISPs that have towers close to your home.

Here is a list of wireless providers in the County:


Offers wireless internet service from towers throughout much of the County

Clearwave Broadband Networks

Offers wireless internet service from towers throughout much of the County


Offers wireless internet service from towers throughout much of the County

Offers a high-speed wireless internet service near select towns in the County (Gigair)

Telus Communications

Offers a wireless internet service from cell towers throughout much of the County (SmartHub)


Offers wireless internet services from towers throughout much of the County

Fibre Internet

Fibre optic cable provides exceptional speeds and reliability. The portion of Sturgeon County west of Highway 2 and south of Highway 642 has fibre to some homes and businesses. This includes subdivisions, hamlets, and business parks in that area, as well as homes and businesses along the fibre route, including:

  • Dover Estates
  • Fairhaven
  • Hansen’s
  • Northern Lights
  • Pine Sands
  • Reyda Vista
  • Rol Anna Park
  • Shil Shol Estates
  • Silver Chief
  • Terrault Estates
  • Turfside Park
  • West Fairhaven
  • Westwood Lane
  • Calahoo
  • Riviere Qui Barre
  • Villeneuve
Business Parks:
  • Heritage Industrial Park
  • ProNorth Industrial Park
  • Villeneuve Airport

Not all homeowners and business owners in these areas chose to have fibre installed to their home or business or had vacant land at the time the network was developed. In this case, there will be a one-time charge to connect the home or business to the fibre network. For more information contact Sturgeon County at or call (587) 200-4051. View the availability map.

Fibre Internet Service Providers:

There are three ISPs in the County that can offer service to a fibre-connected home. Although they all use the same fibre network to deliver their services, they have differences in price, services, and levels of customer service. It is recommended that you check into each of these ISPs to pick the one that best aligns with your needs.

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