Animal Control Bylaw

Animal Control BylawAnimal Control Bylaw


Protective Services is updating the Animal Control regulation in Sturgeon County.
The proposed Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 intends to:

  • regulate the keeping of livestock, poultry or fowl and related activities, including urban hens;
  • provide guidelines for the quantity of animals allowed and where they may be kept; and
  • ensure the safety, health, and welfare of people and animals in accordance with the Animal Health Act.

Please note: The proposed Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 does not affect dogs (see Bylaw 1352/15) or cats. (


After gathering resident feedback  in August, the proposed Bylaw passed Second Reading at the September 8th regular Council meeting.

Tell us what you think before October 16

We welcome residents’ feedback on the proposed updated bylaw prior to presenting to Council for Third Reading in late October 2020.

View the proposed updated Animal Control Bylaw:  Click here

  • Email the Enforcement Services Supervisor:
  • Phone the Enforcement Services Supervisor 780-939-8418 or Protective Services Manager/Fire Chief Mahoney at 780-939-8411.

Council gave First Reading on June 30, 2020. Once approved at Third Reading, the Animal Control Bylaw 1508/20 will replace Bylaw 952/02.