Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan

Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP)

The lands surrounding Villeneuve Airport (ZVL) are prime for new commercial and industrial investment, with the potential to support regional economic growth, diversification, and new jobs.  

The area is blessed with tremendous road, rail, and air infrastructure, innovative businesses, and pending upgrades to local broadband and municipal water services. The Villeneuve Landing Network, a collection of municipal and economic development focused partners, led by Sturgeon County and Edmonton Regional Airports Authority, is also supporting the area to advance it as a generational investment opportunity. 

To support this potential for growth, Sturgeon County has developed a comprehensive Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP), which was accepted as information by Council during the November 30, 2021, Council Meeting.  

The VAAMP is focused on the lands surrounding the Villeneuve Airport. It will not specifically address the airport itself, which has an existing strategic plan, and will not encompass the hamlet of Villeneuve nor restrict ongoing agricultural or resource extraction practices in the area.  

The final VAAMP includes a technical analysis, identification of current and future infrastructure needs, economic forecasts, regulatory and regional requirements, and other important details. 

The VAAMP will guide development in the Villeneuve Airport area and support the attraction of investment in several key sectors including value-added agribusiness, aerospace and defence, advanced manufacturing, transportation, warehousing and logistics, and other industries that connect regional goods and services with global markets.  

Next Steps

During the November 30, 2021, Council Meeting, Council accepted the VAAMP as information and provided direction for Administration to proceed with the development of an Area Structure Plan (ASP): the Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan, or VAA-ASP.  

Sturgeon County will continue to consult with residents, landowners, and others as part of the ASP process and Council will consider an engagement approach in mid-December. 

Approval by both Sturgeon County Council and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) will be required prior to any plans taking effect. 

Find Out More

More information on the Villeneuve Airport Area - Area Structure Plan (VAA-ASP) coming soon!

For questions regarding the Villeneuve Airport Area Master Plan (VAAMP), contact:

Michael Richard
Investment Attraction Lead, Economic Development

For questions regarding the Villeneuve Airport Area – Area Structure Plan (VAA-ASP) process or other land and development related matters, email or phone 780-939-8275. 

Project Area

VAAMP Timeline

March 2021
Project Launch

March-August 2021
Technical Reviews

April- August 2021
Stakeholder Engagement - Three Phases

November 2021
Master Plan Finalization & Council Motion to proceed to ASP

VAA-ASP Timeline

January 2022
Launch of Villeneuve Airport Area - Area Structure Plan development

Early 2022
Bylaw Considerations, Public Hearings, and Regional Referrals