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The Community Services department ensures that the residents of Sturgeon County have local access to excellent recreation and social programs, parks facilities as well as individual and family development support opportunities through information and education.


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No, protecting our natural environment is important. Dead wood is essential for the maintenance of biological diverse ecosystems and animal habitats.

The process for accepting and review of applications for development on Municipal Reserve land starts with contact Sturgeon County Community Services Manager to schedule a meeting to explore the concept and ensure compliance with the Open Space Master Plan. Depending on the scope of the project community group demonstrates public support. Once this is determined and if approved, Community Services will provide the landowner with the authorization to proceed. The Landowner will provide Community Services with an application package that contains 4 sets of general site drawings, any detailed engineering drawings of all existing and proposed municipal improved and lot grading plans, playground specifications, etc. that are consistent with the General Municipal Servicing Standards (GMSS). Other departments within Sturgeon County will review and comment on operational impacts and to ensure the proposal is compliant with GMSS. Once the submission is accepted for contraction, a license agreement is negotiated and executed complete with maintenance standards and insurance expectations. Within 6 months following construction completion the proponent must provide as-constructed record drawings and the internal inventory will be updated to manage Sturgeon County assets.

Water levels and water quality in Cardiff is highly variable and unpredictable. Currently Sturgeon County does not test the water quality in Cardiff, the waters are untreated and therefore we do not promote primary contact recreation activities (e.g. swimming, diving, windsurfing). For the health and safety of our residents we promote NO CONTACT in Cardiff.