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The Utility Services department provides reliable, quality water and waste-water systems while ensuring that all utilities infrastructure meets current standards

RQB TruckFill Shut-down - Update

The Riviere Qui Barre truck-fill (2”) and the $0.25 coin-op has been reopened. However, crews will return to the area in the coming weeks to repair asphault surrounding the truck-fill station. Stay tuned to our website, as well as our Utility Alerts for further details. We appreciate your patience. 

During shut-down, users are asked to use Villeneuve, Summerbrook or Cardiff Echo’s truck-fill station to get potable water. 

Locations: Please note these locations do not offer 0.25 coin-op

Summerbrook Truck-fill station – 25211 Coal Mine Road

Villeneuve Truck-fill station - 26503 Hwy 633

Cardiff Echo’s Truck-fill station - # 79 Mill Road, East side of Cardiff Echo’s


Members of Sturgeon County's Utility Department often need to gain access to homes in the region to test water supply. Check out this #YouTube video that explains the value in having our Utility Officers test your water.

Private well water testing

Sturgeon County residents wanting to ensure quality of their well water are able to take advantage of a free well-water testing service.

Testing kits are available free of charge at the Gibbons Health Unit, located at 4720-50 Avenue, Gibbons, Alberta.

Once collected, samples need to be dropped off the same day they are collected, prior to 10 a.m. From there, the samples will be delivered to the provincial testing facility in Edmonton. To ensure accuracy of test results, samples cannot be older than 24 hours.

For more information you can contact Alberta Health Services at 780-342-1380.