Connectivity Survey & Speed Test

Sturgeon County Internet Connectivity Survey and Speed Test

Help us improve internet access in Sturgeon County

High-speed internet access is increasingly important in everyday life, no matter where you live or work. Sturgeon County is aware that some residents and businesses may not have access to the internet speeds required to meet their current or future needs.  

The County is exploring ways to help improve high-speed internet access in the community, a basic service necessary to continued economic development and social well-being. We recognize that there are differences regarding internet access in the County and we want to know what your experience is. Your input will help the County better understand the current state of high-speed internet access and help identify opportunities to improve services.  

In August and September 2020, we conducted two separate surveys, one for businesses located within Sturgeon County (including home-based businesses) and another for all County residents.

Take the speed test

The CIRA Internet Performance Test is a quick and easy test of your Internet connection speed. Taking the test help us understand the service level that residents and businesses are receiving across Sturgeon County. Completing a speed test may assist Sturgeon County in accessing grants to improve internet access throughout the County.

How it works

To take the test, simply click on the link below and press the "Start" button on the page that opens.

The speed test is administered by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA). As each user performs a test, their data is anonymously collected and aggregated into a large dataset that spans Canada. Researchers will be able to understand the capabilities of Canada’s Internet infrastructure. Sturgeon residents will be able to compare their connection speeds with other people in their area, province, or across the country.